Krizna Jama and Lake of Cerknica

Setting up a Tent in the Karst

Preparing Dinner

Julie Preparing Sugo

Beat Flavoring Sugo


Julie Relaxing on Camping Chairs

Krizna Jama Entrance

Beat and Julie before Caving Trip

Krizna Jama Cave Map

Cave Bear Skulls

Cave Bear Teeth

Cave Bear Tooth

Cave Flea

Cave Millipede

Small Cave Wood-Louse

Small Animal Tracks

Alois, Beat and Julie in the First Boat

Julie Cave Exploreri (FAL)

Boat at the Venetian Port

Venetian Port

Calcite Fall

Calcite Mouth

Flowstone Mountains

The Pirate Ship

The Mushroom

Calcite Formations

Calcite Curtain

Narrow River Passage

Broken Stalagmite

Inclined Pillar

At the Calvary

Julie with Stalagmite

Hall behind Calvary

Cave Shrimps

Beat and Julie on way to the Exit

Julie and Andi after the Caving Trip

No Money in the Car

Lake ...

... of ...




Beat with Microsoft Wine

No Pictures please!


Beat Opening Cans

Julie ...

... with Apero

Our Guest

Cooking Dinner

Beat - no comment

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