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Links to Flash and mapping sites

this list shall give an impression of the possibilities for cartography with macromedia flash. please inform the editor, andré m. winter, about new sites, changes or updates! thanks to eric mauvière and john dowdell for providing links. there is also a list of links to sites with high quality cartography based on SVG. 0 to 4 stars are given according to cartographic quality, interactivity and server/client communication. please note that this rating is purely subjective! work in progress.

** en main site: adirondack map the adirondacks. adirondack park
* en main site:
sample: maps
*** nl main site: Interactive Map Vote 2003 BBC News
**** fr main site: atlas socio-sanitaire Carrefour montréalais d'information sociosanitaire
**** nl main site: Risk managment map Crisismanagment Provincie Groningen
*** de main site:
modul zur generierung und veröffentlichung thematischer karten mit macromedia flash
more: paper, Torsten Ullrich
**** fr
main site:
sample: france municiality map
sample: locating doctors in midi-pyrénées
sample: locating doctors in haute-normandie
sample: locating medical institutions in haute-normandie
sample: locating medical institutions in bourgogne
more: geoclip gallery,
** de main site:
sample: iraq map
*** en main site:
sample: event map and calendar which displays upcoming GIS events
sample: shipwrecks at the mouth of the columbia
more: mapgallery
interactive temporal maps
* en main site:
sample: hike map
more: gallery
  en main site: educational map building tool
regrettably fee based for now
  en main site:
sample: ireland map
sample: torino map
more: live demos
** en main site: région nord-pas-de-calais
* en main site: world map locator
locates your computer on a world map
*** en main site: Berlin Bevölkerungsentwicklung 1991-1999 Sven Burdack
*** en
main site: Search Charter
Choose "map" after load.
Synthesis d.o.o.
  fr main site:
Carte des Transports urbains de Reims
* en main site: TREX
realtime trafic map of denver
metro denver colorado
***** fr main site: atlas du bas-saint-laurent
regional atlas
université du québec à rimouski

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