Cave Symbols: The Official UIS List

UIS working group on cave survey and mapping

This working group results of the "International Meetings on Subterrainean Topography" that began to verify and standardize already the existing conventional signs. The results are the official UIS symbol list presented here. During this work we`ve been faced with many other linked problems, such as:

This will be done as a working group within the UIS Informatics Commission and in close liason with the International Geographical Union and other institutions. The aim of the working group is to establish a set of international standards in order to make maps readable for everybody.


Philipp Häuselmann
Giebelweg 6
CH-3323 Baeriswil (Switzerland)

Tel: ++41-77-426 23 90
e-mail: praezis (at) speleo (dot) ch


Andreas Neumann
Böschacherstrasse 10a
CH-8624 Grüt (Switzerland)

Tel: ++41-44-944 72 66
e-mail: a.neumann (at) carto (dot) net

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